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Socially Responsible.

Providing convenient and affordable shredding and recycling services to residential and commercial customers.

Residential Shredding & Recycling Services.

No Job Is Too Small!

Residential Shredding Service:

Save over 50% typically compared to most office-supply retailers (e.g. Staples / UPS).

  • Affordable, convenient, and secure drop-off and pickup service, freeing up your residential space
  • Instant & secure destruction of your confidential documents, hard drives, and more!
  • No minimum volume restrictions!
  • Barcode scanning & tracking at every touchpoint.
  • You drop off or we come to you. We accept materials in boxes/cartons/bags.

Quick Service (Within 24 Hours of Call-In):

  • Fast, reliable, and personable service.
  • During regular business hours.

Flexible Scheduling & Service:

  • We work around your schedule!
  • Options customized to your needs.

No Minimum Volume Requirement:

  • No minimum stop charges, or volume requirements.
  • No fuel surcharges, or hidden fees.
  • “A box or two, we’ll shred for you!”

Carefull Screeened & Bonded:

  • Professionally trained service personnel.
  • All access-staff sign & abide by confidential non-disclosure binding agreements.

Video Verification Service:

  • Conveniently watch your shredding 24/7 using our unique video verification system (sign-up required).
  • Our hands-on consultative process ensures your shredding program is custom-designed to meet your unique needs.

Our Shredding Services:



Confidential documents are created in a wide range of businesses, resulting in high value sensitive information. Get it securely shredded with PULP SHRED today!
hard drive


PULP SHRED offers secure destruction service to help you safely dispose of your discarded IT assets. Get it securely shredded with PULP SHRED today!


Secure product destruction helps safely dispose of items. Uniforms, employee cards, packaging materials, x-rays, marketing materials & advertising etc.


Our Shred Events are a fun, creative, & easy way to help your local community centres, create awareness about your cause, and raise some dollars for your local charities.

Our Recycling Services:

recycle logo


Help reduce the amount of paper that goes into the landfills by recycling.


Not sure what to do with your boxes? Get it recycled with PULP SHRED today!

Electronic Recycling

PULP SHRED provides convenient drop-off and pick-up e-recycling solutions.

Virtual Verification of Shredding:

Welcome to the industry first, one of a kind video verification software exclusively developed by PULP SHRED.

  • Virtual Video Verification of Shredding: view your shredding from the comfort of your surroundings 24×7 (advance booking required).
  • High-resolution video proof to our customers showing secure shredding of their confidential documents/materials.
  • Video verification link sent electronically after the destruction process.
  • Video archived for 90-day period.
  • View and monitor your shredding jobs and video verification certificates on PULP SHRED customer web portal.

In-Person Witness Shredding:

Book your appointment to view your shredding in person

The key advantage for residential customers is that we are 100% local, convenient, accessible, personable, secure, competitive pricing, no minimum volume limits –

“A box or two, we’ll shred for you.”

we are 100% local, convenient, accessible, personable, secure, competitive pricing, no long term contracts, clear invoicing – no hidden charges.

Service options:

  • Reoccurring regular scheduled services.
  • On-Call / On-Demand services.
  • One-Time purge clean-outs.
  • Commercial drop-off or pick-up services available.
  • In-Person Witness Shredding.

Security PULP Boxes and SHRED Bags

Our PULP Boxes are made possible thanks to the secure shredding and recycling work done at PULP SHRED.

Recycling residential and commercial paper materials, which would otherwise be wasted. PULP SHRED closes the loop by turning those materials into environment-friendly boxes.

PULP SHRED and Pulp Boxes are 100% Calgary owned and operated.

PULP SHRED is committed to Zero-landfill paper waste.

100% of your shredded paper is baled. processed and converted into new paper products. thereby encouraging circular economy and creating local jobs!

From Kraft file boxes to moving boxes and packaging supplies. we’ve got it all.

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