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Are You frustrated by shredding companies that:

Frustration over not able to speak to a human!
Tired of calling the "1-800-Do Not Answer" customer service phone line???

At PULP SHRED, We understand your frustrations:

PULP SHRED's Value Proposition

Give Us A Chance To Earn Your Trust:

What if I told you, shredding is all about emotions. Would you believe me? 

Watch this video to see why shredding is all about emotional connection and how I found my purpose.

–Ankur Mahajan, Owner, PULP SHRED

“At PULP SHRED, we understand, trusting a company (or anyone) with your sensitive data is not an easy decision to make. Many residents and businesses alike rely on PULP SHRED for securely shredding their most confidential information. Our superior shredding technology and security systems help relieve their anxiety, giving them peace of mind.” 

We hope you would trust us and give us a chance to safely, securely and discreetly destruct your most sensitive, private & confidential information. I promise, you will not regret your decision.

Ankur Mahajan, Owner, PULP SHRED

Our Calgary shredding Plant:

PULP SHRED’s destruction & shredding facility is equipped with top-of-the-line, high-efficiency and high-volume security shredding technology. 

Our facility is equipped with security features that are monitored live 24×7, and stringent access controls are adhered to. 

PULP SHRED facility is 100% electricequipped with advanced dust control & capture technology. This keeps our workers safe and our facility clean and dust-free.

At PULP SHRED, we provide a one-stop solution, with the entire process from handling your sensitive materials to shredding, baling, sorting & recycling completed within one-roof. No part of our process is outsourced, ensuring complete control, traceable & verifiable chain of custody! 

We are easily accessible and are located minutes from downtown Calgary, providing convenient drop-off/drive-thru, in-person witness viewing, and pick-up options.

Pulp Shred secure facility and shredding process
PULP SHRED's State-Of-The-Art
Security Shredding & Recycling Facility, Calgary, Alberta

What Our Customers Say About Us:

Trusted By Leaders Across Industries:

Our Partnerships & Local Causes We Support:

Calgary’s Multi-Award-Winning Shredding Company:

Our Holistic Business Model:

PULP SHRED’s business model is based on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework – value services (profits), greener processes (planet), and social contributions (people). All three are an intrinsic part of our company’s DNA and value proposition. 

When companies and individuals trust us with their business, our unique approach to business then enables us to meet our local community & environmental commitments in a free-flow manner. 

This, therefore, is not an after thought, or a check-the-box line item for us – we proudly & emphatically live by our vision daily!

Pulp Shred Holistic business model
PULP SHRED's Triple Bottom Line Business Model

sustainable & Socially Responsible shredding:

A Greener Alternative.

Securely shredding your most confidential information, and positively impacting our local environment and communities.

Secure.  Sustainable.  Socially Responsible.

Our Environmental (ESG) Contributions To-Date:

Mature Trees
yd³ Landfill Space
TE CO2 Emissions
Litres of Water
1 M
yd3 Landfill Space
TE CO2 Emissions
Litres of Water
1 M

Our Community & Environmental Pledge:

“For every $20.00 you spend with us, 

we pledge $1.00 towards our Environmental & Community Impact Commitments.”

Our Shred the Stigma campaign’s mission is to remove the stigma around mental illness, social issues, and loneliness and create a more empathetic and supportive society.

PULP SHRED is a Zero-Waste company. 100% of your shredded paper is baled and recycled into new products, supporting the circular economy, and creating local jobs! 

Our Shredding Services:



Confidential documents are created in a wide range of businesses, resulting in high value sensitive information. Get it securely shredded with PULP SHRED today!
hard drive


PULP SHRED offers secure destruction service to help you safely dispose of your discarded IT assets. Get it securely shredded with PULP SHRED today!


Secure product destruction helps safely dispose of items. Uniforms, employee cards, packaging materials, x-rays, marketing materials & advertising etc.


Our Shred Events are a fun, creative, & easy way to help your local community centres, create awareness about your cause, and raise some dollars for your local charities.

Our Recycling Services:

recycle logo


Help reduce the amount of paper that goes into the landfills by recycling with PULP SHRED.


Not sure what to do with your boxes? Get them recycled with PULP SHRED today!

Electronic Recycling

PULP SHRED provides convenient drop-off and pick-up e-recycling collection services.
Untitled design2

ORGANICS Recycling

Looking for a compost collection service? Contact PULP SHRED for your office organics recycling.

Our Products:


Standard size Kraft file boxes.100% recyclable and with lid attached and security holes for locking the boxes with security ties.


Prepaid dual-ply shred bag that is designed to collect your confidential information. These bags come with SECURITY BUILT RIGHT IN.
Commercial Shredding Services in Calgary

Other Products

From Kraft file boxes to moving boxes and packaging supplies, we’ve got it all. Many of our products are recycled thereby encouraging circular economy.

Your Partner of Choice.

PULP SHRED aims to honour your “green commitment” and strengthen your brand’s image by implementing a shredding program. We partner with like-minded companies/individuals that:

  1. understand their legal and fiduciary duties;
  2. are equally passionate about the environment; and,
  3. believe in & promote local businesses.

Customer Satisfaction & Trust.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to our success. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at PULP SHRED. We take great pride in our customer service and the PULP SHRED team strives to create high customer satisfaction standards every single time. We exist because of our patrons’ support. Our customers are the reason, we get to fulfill our zero-landfill paper waste commitment every single day.

We take a partnership approach with our customers and treat them as family. It may sound cliché but that is exactly how we treat them.

Our Customer Service Promise:

  1. Customers are treated fairly, equitably, and respectfully.  
  2. Customers are provided professional, reliable, and secure confidential shredding services. 
  3. Customer concerns are resolved in a reasonable time and responsible manner.

Our Customer Service Promise:

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Pulp Shred Partnership Model
We Value Our Customers As Strategic Partners
Pulp Shred Customer Intake Process
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