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Secure. Sustainable.
Socially Responsible.

Providing convenient and affordable shredding and recycling services to residential and commercial customers.

Hello. Welcome to PULP SHRED.

Our vision is to provide a greener alternative for confidential document & data security, destruction, and recycling. 

The document shredding business has been around for a long time, but the on-site mobile (truck) shredding model is leading to a substantial carbon footprint, something PULP SHRED is committed to changing. 

Mobile shredding is neither efficient nor cost-effective – negative environmental footprint (noise, air, and dust pollution), issues around idling & rev-surging (fuel wastage, carbon emissions), data leakage (no baling of paper at site exposing to elements), and hazardous contamination & fire-hazard risks (metals, plastic, batteries). Besides parking violations, truck operations and maintenance, and licensing can all be costly.

Your privacy, secure processes, and tight chain of custody are foundational aspects of our business. We bring a new way of meeting customers’ privacy requirements without compromising the environment.

At PULP SHRED, we continuously focus our attention on how we can improve our greener vision and ethos. Our tag line “A Greener Alternative” is meant to suggest just that. To say one is green is finite and frankly not possible. Being environmentally friendly is a conscious choice and a continuous journey, not a destination. We believe in continuously improving and delivering the best possible experience to our customers while constantly seeking greener ways to run our operations and deliver our services.

Our business model is based on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) philosophy – secure services, greener processes, and social contributions. All three are an intrinsic part of our company DNA and value proposition.

We hope you will see value in our services and will give us the chance to partner with you. As a local business, this will help keep our dollars local and create & support Alberta jobs. 

Thank you for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to win your business!

Sincerely & humbly,

Ankur Mahajan
Founder & CEO

Our Story: Purpose, Values & Customer Promise

Founded in 2018, PULP SHRED is Calgary’s greener alternative for confidential document and data destruction providing secure, green, and accessible shredding services to residential and commercial customers. PULP SHRED is a Zero-Landfill paper waste company - 100% of your shredded paper is recycled & repurposed into new products, supporting the circular economy and creating local jobs!

Our Purpose: doing what matters.

Our Vision

PULP SHRED’s vision is to provide a greener alternative for confidential document & data security, destruction, and recycling.

Our Mission:

We believe document shredding should not be at the expense of the environment. Our mission is to bring environmental consciousness to the confidential document destruction industry, while providing a secure and cost-effective solution.

Triple Bottom Line Philosophy: taking a holistic approach to business

PULP SHRED’s business model is based on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework and philosophy. value services, greener processes, and social contributions. All three are an intrinsic part of our company DNA and value proposition. These same principles are the core values we live by!

Our Core Values: the guiding principles we operate by

Pulp Shred Holistic business model
PULP SHRED's Triple Bottom Line Business Model & Core Values

PULP SHRED’s business model is based on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework – value services (profits), greener processes (planet), and social contributions (people). All three are an intrinsic part of our company’s DNA and value proposition. 

When companies and individuals trust us with their business, our unique approach to business then enables us to meet our local community & environmental commitments in a free-flow manner. Kindly refer to our Community & Environmental Pledge!

This, therefore, is not an after thought, or a check-the-box line item for us – we proudly & emphatically live by our vision daily!

1. Secure: providing peace of mind to customers with secure processes

People’s privacy, secure processes, and tight chain of custody are foundational to our business. 

PULP SHRED provides secure, compliant, and an assured closed-loop solution to customers by securely shredding their confidential documents and sensitive information. 

Doing this, we provide peace of mind to our customers that they have partnered with a company that has their interests top of mind when handling and shredding their confidential data.

Pulp Shred's esthetically designed, high quality, wooden Executive Consoles blend in with your office furniture.

2. Sustainable: setting a greener standard for data destruction 

We believe in today’s day and age it’s un-conscientious to ignore the environmental implications of our decisions. At PULP SHRED, we are committed to zero-landfill paper waste. 

The confidential documents are securitized and prepped for shredding – contaminants (metal, plastic, hazardous materials – batteries) are carefully and diligently removed prior to shredding.

Did you know that paper can take 5-15yrs to breakdown in a landfill? 

By recycling every 1 Ton of paper, you save over 17 new trees from getting cut and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.

3. Socially Responsible: bringing value and leadership in the local communities we serve

PULP SHRED strives to be a good standing community leader and partner. We offer a valued service to our customers without harming the environment.

Our Shred the Stigma campaign’s mission is to remove the stigmas around mental illness, social issues, and loneliness and create a more empathetic and supportive society.

As a small business, we thrive on community support and relationships. We seek to do business with local companies and create “win-win” solutions to establish lasting and meaningful partnerships.

We also partner with local non-profits and charitable associations for volunteering and giving back. We host/participate in Community Spring/Fall Cleanups, host Community Shred Events to fund raise dollars for local charities and donate to local causes.

Pulp Shred's Shred the Stigma Community Charitable Cause
Pulp Shred's community charitable campaign for mental health awareness and environmental sustainability.
"One for All. All for One."

Our Customer Service Attitude: creating a partnership approach


  1. Customers are treated fairly, equitably, and respectfully.  
  2. Customers are provided professional, reliable, and secure confidential shredding services. 
  3. Customer concerns are resolved in a reasonable time and responsible manner.

“A box or two,
we’ll shred for you.”

Customer satisfaction is paramount to our success. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at PULP SHRED. 

We take great pride in our customer service and the PULP SHRED team strives to create high customer satisfaction standards every single time. 

We exist because of our customers’ and patrons’ support. Our customers are the reason, we get to fulfil our zero-landfill paper waste commitment every single day.

A box or two, we'll shred for you.