Paper Recycling in Calgary

Secure. Sustainable.
Socially Responsible.

Providing convenient and affordable shredding and recycling services to residential and commercial customers.

Paper Recycling Services

PULP SHRED provides secure paper shredding, recycling services to individuals, small and large businesses in Calgary and the Greater Calgary Metropolitan Region. 

Help reduce the amount of paper that goes into the landfills and start recycling your paper products, cardboards, and electronics with PULP SHRED today. 

Detail Environmental Sustainability and Diversion reports are provided to customers periodically or as requested. Additionally, we can custom create environmental reports per your requirements.

  • Shredding & Recycling: Residential and commercial shredding & recycling of confidential and sensitive documents and data. 
  • Recycling Collection: Commercial office pick-ups and drop-offs of non-sensitive documents (e.g., newspapers, magazines, books), cardboard, and electronics for recycling.
  • Bulk / Large Volume Paper Recycling: Provide bulk recycling and large volume paper recycling for mid to large commercial customers. Customized solutions and reporting available. 


We DO NOT charge any rental or lease fees for any of our office shredding & recycling equipment. Our invoices are clean and transparent with no fuel surcharges, admin, or hidden fees. Additionally, we do not impose any long-term binding and “held hostage” contracts. We serve you, not the other way round.  You have complete control and flexibility over your office shredding & recycling program.

Paper Shredding & Recycling Programs

  • Reoccurring Scheduled Services
  • On-Call/On-Demand Services
  • One-Time Purges
  • Pick-Up Services
  • Convenient Drop-off / Drive-Thru
  • Secure Shredding Services for Your Confidential Documents
  • Recycling Containers
  • Bulk Baling and Compacting of Loose Shredded & Recycled Paper
  • Customized Solutions

Whether you opt for secure shredding, or simple office recycling, all PULP SHRED containers are supplied with custom in-built locks.

This is to ensure that in the event you or your staff mistakenly dispose off a sensitive document meant for shredding into the recycling container, your information is always safeguarded.

PULP SHRED Container Types:

  • 26-Inch Desk Consoles with Inbuilt Lock (for Paper, Empty Plastic Rx Vials, Hard Drives)
  • 36/40-Inch Executive Consoles with Inbuilt Lock (for Paper, Empty Plastic Rx Vials, Hard Drives)
  • 32-Gallon Totes with Padlocks (for Paper, Empty Plastic Rx Vials, Hard Drives, Electronics)
  • 64/65-Gallon Totes with Inbuilt Lock (for Paper, Empty Plastic Rx Vials, Hard Drives, Electronics)

PULP SHRED provides secure shredding & general recycling solutions to residents, small home-based businesses, and large corporations. From regular reoccurring services to one-time pickups, or purges of materials. 

No job too small!
No job too big!

Closing your business, re-locating, or simply cleaning your office space? PULP SHRED can help!

From a few boxes to pallets full of boxes for shredding or recycling, we do it all. Call us for a free quote today!

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