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How Professional Shredding Benefits Your Business


Professional shredding services ensure your business is properly destroying its important documents. But, these services also do so much more, including increasing productivity, reducing liability, protecting your reputation, improving the environment, and saving you money. Your business can greatly benefit from professional shredding services, in more ways than one.

When Should My Business Use A Shredding Service?


To protect yourself, your business, your employees, and your customers, it is important to properly destroy secure documents. The easiest and safest way to ensure you are destroying private information is to use a shredding service.

5 Steps Pulp Shred Takes To Be Green


Pulp Shred is Calgary’s greenest document security, destruction and recycling company. While many companies claim to be green, they don’t always take the actions to follow through. Being environmentally conscious is...

What is Confidential Information


On a recent sales presentation with a medium sized company, I was asked, by our then potential customer (and now our customer), “what is considered as confidential information?”

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